Come in. The door is open.

Are you still looking for him?

Is there something in particular that you want to eat?

I want to learn to sing like you.

Did Matt tell someone?

It's a big animal.


Don't tell him why.


Let's look into it.


The Sahara is the largest source of dust in the world.

Benjamin always tries to help other people.

What are you dealing with?

Isn't that what you wanted?

What is Jorge doing?

That's not my wife.

What is in the desk?

They were hostile to any attempt at reconciliation.

Teri and Masanao have just bought a new car.

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He's worried about his receding hairline.


Is there an air gauge here?

How far is it from New York to London?

Please correct me when I make a mistake.


Would one of you be willing to lend me your bicycle for twenty minutes or so?

He reached across the table and shook my hand.

My hair is a mess because the wind is very strong.

Randolph was kept in the hospital overnight for observation.

You can't help what happens.

I want to go to bed early tonight.

How do you put up with that kind of humiliation?

Doyle has a driver's license.

At what day are you off, usually?

Japan seceded from the League of Nations in 1933.

Tharen certainly thinks so.


His great learning has at last been recognized.

We don't have any more bread.

The car continued to pick up speed.

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Rathnakumar performed his duties faithfully.

The cranes tend to make their nests in the bell towers of churches.

His trouble was chiefly mental.

I don't have books.

In Japan it's generally thought that Germany's water supply isn't suitable for drinking, but this is a mistake.


I started working here thirty years ago.

What's Kimmo going to do with it?

I need an answer.

Naren's outside.

Huh? Where'd I put the keys?

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Raphael could hear the phone ringing.


I think there's no point in trying to convince him.

Both Nicholas and John have pretty girlfriends.

We must inform them.


That shouldn't have been allowed.

Have you listened to this song?

At ease.

He stands alone as a conductor of ballet music.

This tie goes well with the suit, I guess.

There's something the matter with my car.

It looks like tomorrow will be a very hot summer day.

He has two sisters who both live in Kyoto.

We remembered the old days when we had played together.

You can't criticize her every action based on one single mistake.

I think they did that on purpose.

Let me just go talk to him.

I can't possibly accept this.

Men cry too.

There are two places vacant in the company.

Do we have grated cheese?

I think that would be very unwise.


Come back here, you little brat!

Where did you marry them?

They wanted to know on what grounds he wished to quit.

English is like a world-wide common language.

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.

Child labour in Brazil is a serious social problem.

Now after the death of his wife, the merchant grieved for many days as was right, but at the end of that time he began to desire to marry again and to look about him for a suitable wife.

When you travel abroad, you feel very expansive, and it's easy to overspend in a mood like that.

My father has just come home.

They holed up in a room.

We slept under the stars.

Everyone was sitting at the table.

It never existed.


I don't feel well today and prefer to stay at home.

What is the best concert you've ever been to?

Izumi left for the concert hall about 30 minutes ago.


The exchange rates are posted daily outside the cashier's office.

Until 1986, in the schools of England, it was legal to punish children with belts, sticks, and clubs.

We can get many coals here.

I overheard Debi and Timothy speaking French to each other just before class.

The picture reminds me of my school days.


Quit teasing me.

Is it really worth it?

Why don't you slow down a little bit?

Do you like figure skating?

Rajiv played a joke on his friend.

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You may think you're advantaging your child by having him run a standardized test to get into preschool, but don't come crying to me when he joins me at a rave in fifteen years.

Well, I can't help you.

You're dating her, aren't you?

We had an agreement. You broke it.

I got a message from her.


There is no problem between us. So much the better!

Little girls love telling on their brothers when they've done something wrong.

Where did you get your shirt?

No, not me. It's my younger brother.

You should not stay up too late.

Me and Tal's recent discussion prompted me to ask you. I expect cats to taste better than dogs. Agree?

I've heard you play the viola and you're not very good, are you?

Ben represents the engine of the story.

A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

Maybe it's true.

Thank goodness!


I'll be able to see you one of these days.

There are more Buddhists in Germany today than people who know how to make a good chocolate cake.

Huge areas of swirling gases can be found in Jupiter's atmosphere. The largest swirling area of gas is called the Great Red Spot. Scientists believe this is a large hurricane-like storm which has lasted for hundreds of years.

This little story is too simple to explain everything.

Why should you help us?


Louie lives near the dike.


We'll talk things over.

Leif is fast, isn't he?

My father warned me.

Her daughter is not a good cook.

What's the nature of your complaint?

I am thankful for sunshine.

I'm not always right, I just always correct you when you make mistakes.

Jacques left his entire estate to you.

Put your name on all your belongings.


I'm going to make everything.

Glen should be told about what happened.

"I've been busy." "Busy doing what?"

Dirk can't resign now.

Timothy doesn't want to hurt us.

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I heard Steen and Leung fighting.

We've accomplished that goal.

You don't have to work so hard.

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Have you ever fired a worker?


The defendant stays in custody.

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The train flipped over.

You can't criticize her every action based on one single mistake.

A driver's job is not as easy as it looks.


It is with narrow-souled people as with narrow necked bottles: the less they have in them, the more noise they make in pouring it out.

You guys make a great team.

Zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


Stop being sarcastic all the time!

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Urdu and Punjabi are her native languages, but she speaks several others very well, including Tamil, Pashto, and Cantonese.

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I've been to Boston many times.


The last time I saw Lana, he was ranting about something.

Curtis and I seldom eat together.

He looked up the word in his dictionary.

Maybe you're just not getting enough sleep.

Sandra is after me.

Tell me something about her.

What were you doing up there?


Look! It's snowing!

It's pretty obvious that she loves him.

Klava oversimplifies everything.

This textbook is intended for foreign students.

Malloy walked into the room, followed by John and Miles.

Now the good news is, we can solve these problems and meet these challenges, because America, by definition, is an innovation society.

I had difficulty in solving this problem.

Pay attention to what you're doing.

I attended the seminar.

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I know who it is.

Has prison changed him?

You promised me to take care of Kerry.

Be careful not to break these eggs.

If I ask you, you tell me that you're busy, but when it's your girlfriend who asks, you're suddenly up for anything.


This remark is not applicable to you.